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Anaïs Bock über die "Bullshit Monsters"-Methode

In this new Episode of our Big&Growing Podcast, Tina speaks with Anaïs Bock, leadership coach, author of the Bullsh*t Monsters, entrepreneur and an extraordinary speaker, who opened the Purpose Conference at the Big & Growing Festival in 2019.

With her work, Anaïs has been driving the transformation of the workplace ever since 2011 when she left her full-time job to become a self-employed brand and image consultant. Ever since, she has been working with international customers from Egypt to New York, helping women entrepreneurs „use their presence to stand out and courageously earn money with whatever they wanted“. Anaïs has a Master of Science in organisational behaviour from Birkbeck University of London and a long track record in corporate customers who she helped identify a purpose for their business, create a healthy and diverse environment and what needs to shift to enable teams to increase the overlap between happiness and effectiveness. This helped her create the four-part purpose diagram and recently the Bullsh*t Monsters method.

For the Big & Growing audience, Anaïs explains how she transformed a major external crisis into more purpose, fun, and new business twice.

Listen to the conversation to be the first to learn more about her book Bullsh*t Monsters, before it comes out in July, and also to hear what is making her confident that the Bullsh*t Monsters method is exactly what organisations need for a sustainable culture transformation. Enjoy!

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You can pre-order the Bullsh*t Monsters here: Bullshit Monsters

Learn more about Anaïs & her work:


Website: letsworkmagic

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