Nov. 18
The Future of Corporate Mobility - How we merge sustainability and convenience
Andreas Reichert
Session 1 (18:30-19:00)
The Future of Corporate Mobility - How we merge sustainability and convenience

Enormous trends like digitization, individualization, urbanization as well as climate change have a huge impact on the world of mobility and how we get from A to B. In this transformation process we play a major role by shaping the future of employee mobility and bringing it to its next level – digital, individual and sustainable. Therefore, our vision is to provide companies with a solution that reconciles environmental and economic responsibility with the values and needs of each employee. We believe that ecological rethinking can only happen fast enough if we combine ecological behavior with economic incentives. Anyone who uses sustainable mobility today should also today benefit economically and not exclusively collect karma points for his eco-conscience. How are we exactly doing this? With MOBIKO – the digital mobility budget - employers provide their employees with a monthly budget for their work commute and leisure travel expenses. According to their individual needs as well as their sustainability consciousness, employees use all available means of transportation worldwide and submit their mobility costs quickly and easily via the MOBIKO app. All submitted mobility costs will be reimbursed in the following month with the salary payment. Participate our Session and learn how your company and your employees can benefit from MOBIKO. Looking forward to meet you!
Andreas Reichert
Co-Founder MOBIKO
Session 2 (19:00-21:00)
Networking & finger food

Meet the MOBIKO Team and network with mobility enthusiasts.

Mobiko GmbH, Zielstattstraße 19, 81379 München

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