Nov. 19
Start with yourself – mindful leadership every day
Pia Baur
syst. Personal Coach, Mindful Business Trainer
About the session
Digitalisation and the speed of change puts a lot of pressure and stress on most of us. Training empathy can decrease stress by 51% (Max Planck Insitut).
In this inspirational workshop you will learn to understand your own triggers and thoughts in order to better communicate them to others and how to increase your own selfcare. The more we are calm and feel understood and safe, the better we can work towards the companies and owns goals.
I am looking forward to training and inspiring you.
Pia Baur
syst. Personal Coach, Mindful Business Trainer
Pia supports teams and leaders to enhance emotional intelligence with her Mindsense training, a holistic stressmanagement, focus, serenity, and empathy training. Her unique combination of training, paired with mindfulness and her expertise as meditation- and yogateacher create effects that serve everyone long-term. Her 8+ year experience in major global corporations such as Amazon and Danone helped her identify the biggest needs for successful collaboration. Her credo is: lead yourself first.
Sharkbite Innovation GmbH, Hans-Mielich-Straße 13, 81543 München

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