Nov. 19
Create New Ways of Work - in less than 30 Minutes! With Myndset.
Alex Holzreiter, Svenja Floberg Thiel
About the session
We believe that everyone is creative. With a beautifully designed set of game cards, we give you the power to create value-based ideas in 30 minutes or less. Myndset is your key to emotional design thinking. Even if you believe that you have no potential to create appealing and powerful ideas, you will have fun trying to do so with Myndset. Our handcrafted cards, beautiful icons, and companion app will gamify your way to find an idea. The results will convince you!
Alex Holzreiter
Founder, Myndset
Alex is an innovation strategist, entrepreneur and lecturer with over 15 years experience in designing concepts, products, services, experiences and ecosystems for a wide range of clients across Europe.
He sees himself as a hybrid practitioner, both a thinker and a doer, and being able not only to identify real opportunities at the front end of the innovation process but also, design, develop and helps implement the resulting consumer offers and business models. #startup #business strategy
Svenja Floberg Thiel
Facilitator, Coach, SFT. Training & Meer
Svenja worked as a consultant and team lead in the insurance industry for over 15 years. She quit it in 2017 with one question in her mind: If we are no longer afraid, do we still need insurances? She realized that fear inhibits innovation, transformation and creativity. Since then, she supports executives and teams define their culture and values, creates workshops for creativity, ideas and solutions, and facilitates team building in the context of art.
Sharkbite Innovation GmbH, Hans-Mielich-Straße 13, 81543 München

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